Assessment Notification

What topics can I choose?

Reproductive system of flowering plants Model of pollination or fertilisation and formation of seed and fruit
Human Respiratory system Respiration model or gas exchange at alveoli
Human Circulatory system Circulatory system model
Human Urinary (Excretory) system Urinary system model
Skeletal/muscular system Elbow joint model or Inside of Bone model

Think about what you type into Google

What search terms could I use?

Consider reading level and audience

Is the information current?

Is the author an authority in the field?

Fact Sheet ‘body system’

working model ‘body system’

importance ‘body system’

britannica school
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You can’t use Youtube videos in your video only as a source of information

To discuss advantages, disadvantages & limitations – Use the Language of Judgement

To show importance use modal language

Reference Guide is in your diary – page 39-40

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