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History today – The world’s leading serious History magazine

Bloxham, D. (2020). WHY STUDY THE PAST? History can teach, inspire, warn, include and exclude; its uses change to fit the present momentHistory Today70(10), 78–83

Lipscomb, S. (2020). Lies, Damned Lies and HistoryHistory Today70(2), 106–107.

Gilley, S. (1996). History without morality, history without truthHistory Today46(5), 11.

Cooper, S. (2014). Taking Sides on the Great WarHistory Today64(3), 19–22

Stearn, T. (2002). What’s Wrong with Television History? History Today52(12) 26.

Alexander, L. D. (2014). Sports History: What’s Next? Journal of American History101(1), 173–175.

Wilson, H. (2012). Who Built the Pyramids? Ancient Egypt Magazine13(2), 26–33.

Wainwright, Martin. (2014). Teaching Historical Theory through Video Games. The History Teacher. 47(4), 579 – 612.

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What is history? – A compilation of websites of resources relating to historiography and the theory of history

Credibility of Josephus – A PBS Frontline article in which historian Shaye Cohen compares Josephus’ account with recent archaeological evidence about Jewish suicide at Masada

Agrippa  – This historian created site on Agrippina the Younger provides commentaries on the primary sources including Suetonius and Tacitus, and themes for debate including Agrippina’s character, her political significance, and the role of freedmen such as Pallas and Narcissus.

Grosvenor, E. S. (2021, February). Ten Historians Assess the Trump Presidency and Recent Crisis. American Heritage66(2),

Approaches to history

Boel, B. (2019). Western journalism in the Soviet bloc during the Cold War: themes, approaches, thesesCold War History19(4), 593–614.

Grethlein, J. (2019). Experience and History: The Reach and Limits of Phenomenological Approaches to HistoryHistory & Theory58(2), 302–312.

Top Library books

Warren, J. (1999). History and the historians. Hodder & Stoughton. EXPLORE 909/WAR

Webb, K. (2006). Extension history: The historians. History Teachers’ Association of NSW. EXPLORE 907 WEB

Kiem, P., Nicholson, S., Molkentin, M., Dallimore, J., Kennedy, M., & Street, M. (2020). History extension resource book. History Teachers’ Association of NSW Inc. 907.2 KIE

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britannica school
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Guide for writing for History – Southwest university

History Extension resources including HTA prize winning essays


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