What do I need to do?
At the completion of the Olympic Games, the IOC has requested a review of Rio’s hosting of this global sporting event. Was it worth holding the Olympics in Rio?
4 minute presentation

In your presentation you may wish to investigate:
What were the inequalities that existed before the Olympics in Rio, Brazil?
How have these inequalities been reduced by having the Olympics in Rio, Brazil?
What inequalities may have been created by having the Olympics in Rio, Brazil?
What are other possible benefits of hosting the Olympics in Rio, Brazil?

What keywords could I use to locate information?
Poverty and Rio
“benefits of Olympics to Rio”
“infrastructure and rio olympics”

Acquire Collect information

You need quality facts.

A good place to start for facts. Search for Brazil and Rio.

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For quality newspaper and magazine articles.

Quality websites

rio olympics

Good article on the challenges in planning for the Olympics
wall street journal
Good figures on costing