Your task is to create a TED Talk (5 minutes) about the future of Human Rights in our world. Your video presentation will document the history of Civil Rights in Australia to inspire Global Citizens of the 21st century act in support of the Declaration of Human Rights (1948).

Think about the terms you might use to search

General search
Civil rights
Civil Rights AND Australia
Get specific.
Charles Perkins AND Freedom Rides
Civil rights campaigns
Methods used by civil rights activists
Declaration of Human Rights

Think about where you might locate your information

Use Bibliography generators such as the Harvard generator or Cite this for me to reference sources as you go

General Information
The first place many students will go is Wikipedia. It is quite text dense. A better alternative is the often school or local library databases (encyclopaedias).

Search for ”Civil rights”
Declaration of Human Rights

Also search “Civil rights methods”. You could also mix other search terms with “Freedom rides”.

Search for books using our catalogue

Remember some general Australian history books at 909-994 will have a chapter on these
There is an excellent video on the Freedom Riders in The US and Australia as well as the Aboriginal civil rights movement.

For Australia
Collaborating for Indigenous Rights 1957-1973
A great website by the National Museum Australia. Find information about the fight for civil rights, the struggle for land rights. Includes Indigenous Australians’ personal stories, maps and a timeline.

Australian Aboriginal history
An excellent page of a website called Creative Spirits. information about the 1967 Referendum and the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. Includes a timeline.

The Fights for Civil RightsFrom The National Museum of Australia

Australian history timeline
Australian History Timeline
Search film excerpts via people, place and decade.

Charles Perkins

The Wake Hill Walk off – national archives. This is particularly good for Primary sources.
Australian film clips

SBS Living Black – ‘Sporting An Identity’ (6mins) –

ABC 7:30 Report – Strife torn Redfern torn by development plans (8mins)
ABC News – Block residents refuse to leave (3mins)
ABC News – Block residents defy eviction notice
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49tKz-cyVhgMusic examples

The Women’s Rights Movement – United StatesEyes on the Prize

  • American Civil Rights Movement 1954 to 1985

Civil Rights movement

History.com presents a Civil Rights Movement gallery featuring 15 video clips, 6 speeches, 8 photo galleries, and 1 interactive.

International Civil Rights walk of fame

This National Parks Service presents essays and image of civil rights leaders such as Rosa Parks, Fred Shuttlesworth, Thurgood Marshall, Julian Bond, Dick Gregory, Jesse Jackson, Andrew Young, and others.

Good link with our own Freedom Rides/Charlie Perkins

General human rights These might help you relate it your presentation to our world

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 12.22.22 PM
Australian Human Rights Commission
United Nations Association of Australia
United Nations

Human Rights Law Centre
Human Rights Council of Australia

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 12.23.58 PM
Amnesty InternationalRight Now
https://www.eoc.sa.gov.au/discriminationABC Splash – Rights and Freedoms
Culture and Human Rights Blog
Australian Bureau of Statistics

Other Resources/Ideas
Another way into a topic (particularly modern day )is through tag galaxy –is a way students can get a visual impression of a topic.  Check out this one using freedom rides then choose Australia as tags.

With all this information select what is useful for the lesson activity.
Perhaps use COMBAT to judge.
Context of the item? American? Dates?
Origin Where did this information come from? Authority of author?
Motive of the writer?
Timely? In the right timeframe?

Summarise your work
Tables are helpful for summarising.
Consider backing up your points with primary source evidence – Quotes, statistics
Use Bibliography generators such as the Harvard generator or Cite this for me to reference sources you have used.
Consider the language demands of this activity. Our Library Academic writing page and particularly pages on the language of cause and effect and modality will help you with this assessment.
TEEL is handy when writing your response

Topic Sentence
Evidence (AJP Taylor writes…, Gannon suggests…, Alternatively Smith claims…, Statistics show us…, )
Explanation of your point
Link to the question
A guide to good oral presentations

Making a documentary – You might use Prezi, iMovie, Powerpoint and record a narration


Before you submit your assignment follow these steps
Read the task
Review the marking criteria
Proof Read for grammar and spelling
Try and finish your task at least the day before it is due.
When the task is returned

Read the comments – What do you learn from this for next time?