Research methodology

ASK: What terms for searching?




famous quotes


ACQUIRE: Where might you get your information?

Journal article

Book – Biography

Newspaper article



Read, make notes, obtain useful quotes that link to assessment

Literacy demands

Language of cause and effect showing the impact of their leadership style

Language of compare and contrast comparing the nonconformist behaviour to conformist behaviour REALLY HANDY

Example of an annotated bibliography – Although not the same as your template, see the detail of the notes section.

Use Citemaker to make your reference. Watch out for the (n.d). Go back to teh document and look for the date.

Top Websites

Steed, Kevin (2015) Social impact and conformity Retrieved from

Greta Thunberg

Elon Musk

Donald Trump

Top quality information tools

Video tutorial on smarter searching using these information tools

britannica school

clickview 1