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Colonialism and Segregation: The Origins of Apartheid

This is part of the South Africa- Overcoming Apartheid Building Democracy website. It focuses on the background and historical events that built up to Apartheid.

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Mandela, N. (1961). Second letter from Nelson Mandela to Hendrik Verwoerd, 26 June 1961.

This is a letter that Mandela wrote to the South African Prime Minister shortly before his arrest and imprisonment, urging Verwoerd to call a national convention to create a new non-racial constitution. The letter gives us a glimpse of the oppression experienced by black people and shows us the lengths Mandela was willing to go to for equality and justice.

Mandela, N. (1990). Apartheid has no future. Vital Speeches of the Day56(10), 295–297.

This is the speech that Mandela delivered on February 11, 1990, when he was released from prison. Mandela’s words show us that he continued to fight against Apartheid while imprisoned, and that he supported the current president in moving towards a democratic society for all.

Yadav, A. K. (2007). Nelson Mandela and the Process of Reconciliation in South AfricaIndia Quarterly, 63(4), 49–84.

This article focuses on the reconciliation process after the Apartheid was ended. As he indicated he would in his February 11, 1990, speech, Mandela made every effort to pursue a peaceful transition. The author also provides a biographical overview of Mandela and his involvement with the resistance movement.

Overcoming Apartheid

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Cambridge companion nelson mandela | African government, politics and policy | Cambridge University Press

Barnard, Rita. (2014) Cambridge companion to Nelson Mandela. Cambridge University Press. EXPLORE 968.06 MAN

History for the IB Diploma: Democratic States

History for the IB diploma: Democratic states. (2011). Cambridge University Press. EXPLORE 909.82 BOT

tames richard - end apartheid - AbeBooks

Tames, R. (2000). The end of Apartheid: A new South Africa. Oxford.EXPLORE 968.08/TAM