The end in mind writing an Extended response

“Describe the legacy of your focus area on Medieval society AND contemporary society”


Activity 1: Use Encyclopedia Britannica and Google for information about  themes that interest you in Medieval European history

Look for Medieval history for an overview of the topic. You can change the Reading levels.
Then search for specific topics eg. Richard the Lionheart, Crossbow, Castles.
Use the Primary sources and Best websites.

This is a 20 minute summary that will help you immerse yourself in this topic.

Use the Oakhill Library Catalogue to locate some books on your topic of interest

Gale in Context database for Primary and Secondary sources. Try Crusades, printing press, medieval punishment


Choose ONE topic and locate TWO sources of information

Citation for beginners video

How to use Citemaker to reference websites video tutorial

Using Citemaker for websites

Referencing using different library information tools video tutorial

These resources can help you:

Astrolobe 1241
Medieval inventions

Hundred years war

The Children’s crusade

Good for primary sources

Suggested books

Good secondary sources
usborne castles
Usborne book of castles 940.1

Knights and castles
Knights & castles 940.1 STE

Good for Year 8 reading level

Oxford Insight history

Oxford Insight history 909 DEN
Concise information.

Oxford big ideas
Oxford big ideas in Geography and History 8 910 EAS
Clear section on castles