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Leonidas I

Julius Caesar                              

The Iceman


Alexander The Great

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Cameron, K, Lawless, J, & Young, CM 2018, HTA Year 11: Ancient History, History Teachers’ Association of NSW Inc, Annandale NSW. EXPLORE 930 CAM

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The Trojan War

Troy VII and the historicity of the Trojan War

This site rom Dartmouth College contains a description of Troy and examines the question of the historical truth of the Trojan War described in Homer’s epic poem.

Leonidas I King of Sparta

Museum of Classical Archaelogy

Julius Caesar 

Julius Caesar: historical background

The Vroma site provides a timeline of events in the life of Julius Caesar, as well as links to modern assessments of Caesar, and references. Ancient Rome

The Iceman

DNA revelations from Otzi the Iceman’s leather and furs

Arts Technica reports that scientists have analysed every minute detail of Otzi, a 5,300-year-old natural mummy found in the ice of the Italian Otztal Alps. DNA sequencing has revealed information about his clothing and lifestyle.


In our time, Spartacus

Melvyn Bragg and his guests on BBC radio discuss the life of Spartacus, the gladiator who led a major slave rebellion against the Roman Republic in the 1st century BC. He was an accomplished military leader, and the campaign he led contributed significantly to the instability of the Roman state in this period. Ancient Rome.

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great: hunting for a new past

Professor Paul Cartledge provides the historical context of Alexander the Great, his character, the campaigner and hunter, his public image, and the literary text the Alexander Romance. A timeline is provided.

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