Learning Intention: Outline the Year 10 Assessment task and understand how to complete it successfully

Success Criteria: Use Gale Academic to find a peer reviewed article, practice how to quote from an expert & paraphrase to create your tip sheet.

Stress, Loss & Grief, Overcoming Adversity, Anxiety, and Depression

Top 5 strategies using 3  sources

Compare and contrast these tips to show why they would be an effective strategy and include a rank order.

A quote from an expert found in an article from a peer-reviewed journal.

An athlete or celebrity that has overcome a mental health crisis 

A recommendation of where young people can go for help

A bibliography of your sources should be included on the back of your flyer 


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Reliable and trustworthy places to go for resources on Mental Health

LifeLine – Stress

Kids Helpline

Beyond Blue

Black Dog Institute- depression

Black Dog Institute conducts its own research – Here is an example of a study that was conducted on their ‘Sleep Ninja’ app to improve teen sleep habits.

This could be useful to collect an expert quote

Health Direct Australia


britannica school
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Use words like ‘anxiety strategies’ ‘depression teens’ ‘mental health teenager’

Finding athletes that have mental health issues

Pickstar – website with several athletes that have mental health issues

Insider article with some examples of athletes with mental health issues

9 Star Athletes that have spoken up about Mental Health

Google tip: Australian athletes with ‘anxiety’

Making notes and putting things in your own words.

Show all your understanding using only 2 A4 pages

Select a quote that will fit in with your tip sheet. Maybe something that reinforces a strategy that you have chosen to focus on?

How to reference a quote in text

We recommend using CANVA to create a visually appealing flyer. Search for A4 templates to make a start

One A4 page front and back

Example of a finished flyer