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Students will propose a solution in a 2-3 page report on how to improve human interaction with water to reduce Issues in the Australian Environment. The report will be printed out and submitted to the teacher in class along with your information summary notes and Harvard style reference list. Students will also self- evaluate the report they created and the process of creating that report through the self-evaluation tool.

The report will be based on a field study of TWO locations where water is being managed and by completing the FIVE steps which will be checked by your teacher during your THREE in-class assessment lessons.


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Australian Bureau of Statistics – Water is critical for sustaining life and Australia is the second driest continent on earth after Antarctica. This classroom activity from the Australian Bureau of Statistics explores the role of water within Australia, its origins, storage, use and value to the economy.

The Water Channel provides videos on water related topics especially in developing countries.

Recycled water in Australia Recycled Water Australia presents a diagram of water sources incorporating recycled and desalinated water.

The Australian Water Association has devised this website to promote the sustainable management of water.

The Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities has provided brief information about urban water supply, demand, efficient use pricing and integrated management.

Water Science is a USGS site designed for primary and junior secondary students. It has information on many aspects of water such as the water cycle, water-use and special topics like acid rain, salinity and water quality.

Water corporation education The Western Australian Water Corporation provides lessons, interactive resources, and information on the topics of water supply, water conservation, water and the natural environment, water and health, wastewater, and stormwater and waterways, for all year levels.

Melbourne Water provides information about water supply, pollution, sewerage, storm water and rivers and creeks.

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City limits: Australia’s urban water crisis is an ABC Four Corners Special edition for broadband. Through video and interactive content, issues raised concerning Australia’s continuing urban water crisis are explored. Chapters include profitable solutions, water management, recycling waste water and into the future. Suitable for interactive whiteboard.

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