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Sport injury prevention

Stop sports injuries – injury prevention resources. Particularly helpful for specific sports.

Sports injuries Better Health Channel.

Sydney Sports Medicine Centre
Here are some of the fact sheets written by practitioners. They are useful for both patient and cross-professional education.

Virtual Sports Injury Clinic

SportDiscus (EBSCO)
SportDiscus is a database for sports and sports medicine research. Access via the State Library NSW website using a public library card.

Magazine Articles

‘NETBALL – A DYNAMIC SPORT WITH POWERFUL IMPLICATIONS‘, 2013, Massage Australia, no. 73, pp. 34-39.

The article discusses the effect of netball’s speed and dynamic nature in the muscles, the common injuries associated with the game, and preventive techniques for netball landings. Among the common mascular injuries in netball are exercise induced muscle soreness or delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), muscle strain, and muscle contusion or bruise. Also mentioned are the benefits of self-massage and stretching regime in a warm-up or cool-down scenario.

Ballard, C 2014, ‘WANT TO AVOID INJURY? COME SEE ME’, Sports Illustrated, vol. 121, no. 25, pp. 78-84.
The article discusses sports physician Marcus Elliott’s creation of the high technology training center Peak Performance Project (P3) for professional athletes in Santa Barbara, California, which focuses on performance risk and injury prevention. Topics include details on professional basketball teams’ use of sports scientists for predictive injury analysis and mention of soccer players, basketball players, and baseball players’ use of the facility to improve their performance and prolong their careers.


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