Stepping up to your HSC

Let’s begin

Create an account using Google in Bubbl/us to make a mind map.

Complete a rotation of 7 different activities during 3 library lessons.

Each activity asks you to add some information into your mind map.

Station activities

Station 1:

Use Britannica to find some information

Locate the article in Britannica about the faith background of your chosen person. E.g. Dalai Lama = Buddhism

Evaluate the effectiveness of Britannica as an information tool using the Language of Judgement refer to how the article explains beliefs, sacred texts, ethical teachings, rituals and ceremonies of your chosen faith.

Add a link to the Britannica article you have found in your mind map, include your evaluation (minimum 2 sentences)

Station 2:

Make notes using the Cornell method

Watch this video explaining how to take notes using the Cornell method.

Take notes on the article that is at your desk for your chosen faith tradition by using the template in your folder.

Take a photo of your notes and upload into your mind map

Station 3:

Use Citemaker to create an APA formatted bibliography of your sources

There should be at least 3 different sources on your desk.

Create a bibliography, in alphabetical order, using these sources.

Copy and paste this bibliography into your mind map

Step up to study

Station 4:

Using the library catalogue

Find a study guide on Religion that may help you next year. Take a photo of the shelf where these guides are located. Upload this in your mind map.

Use the catalogue to find a website on your chosen person of faith OR your chosen faith tradition.Watch this video on how to Search other sources

Add the URL to your mind map and include 3 questions you have about your personality after reading this source.

Station 5:

Locate a newspaper/magazine article using Gale or Ebsco

Click on the digital library page and search Gale in Context OR Ebsco Explora to find a newspaper/magazine article on your personality of faith.

Don’t forget to add other keywords to your search. e.g. Buddhism AND beliefs

Add a link to the article into your mind map and include 3 quick facts you have discovered about your faith tradition or personality

Station 6:

Find a video on Clickview

Search ClickView for your chosen Faith tradition or personality.

Create a playlist with any videos that could be useful

Add the title and link to one video on your mind map – answer the questions What did you SEE? What does this make you THINK? What do you still WONDER about? Add a link to your playlist

Station 7:

Use the Academic Writing page to access the document called ‘Language of Cause and Effect’

Use the document in your folder about your chosen Inspiring person of Faith. Identify how their actions have made an impact on people. What is their legacy?

Write 3 cause and effect statements using the language tips to help you, put these in your mind map

This is an example using Christianity as the chosen Faith and Jesus as the personality.

Zoom in to see the mind map in more detail

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