The basics

Children and young people in the justice system

Provide background, definitions and a description

Outline the legal response

Outline the non legal response

Evaluate the effectiveness of this response by researching relevant legislation, cases and media articles.

Chapter 7 is Children and Young people

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Find reports and statistics on juvenile crime

Australian Institute of Criminology

Find information about young offenders

NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research [external website]

Look for Children, juveniles and young people

ABC The law report [external website]

Literacy demands

Language of evaluation/judgement

Use Citemaker for your bibliography

The legal response


Accessing legislation


Example of legislation:

Young offenders Act 1997 (NSW)


Indigenous Law Resources 
The AustLII database has a timeline of legal developments that have affected Indigenous Australians. The timeline includes case law, legislation, treaties, and other legal and political documents which have affected Indigenous people’s rights in Australia.

Law and Justice foundation of NSW
The Law and Justice Foundation of NSW provides up-to-date legislation, court lists and legal judgements from the Australian court system. It is the Web-site commonly used by lawyers for researching cases and legal judgements.

NSW Caselaw 

NSW Coroners Court 


The non legal response

Accessing media articles

Use Publication Search to open articles from the Sydney Morning Herald. Then use Search Within Publication to look for related articles.

Search for young offenders and Juvenile justice

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