Learning Intention: Have a better understanding of the upcoming assessment task including some tips for gathering & analysing your information

Success Criteria:

  • I am able to identify bias in a website.
  • I understand how to show justification in my writing
  • I can use Citemaker confidently to create my bibliography

Link to Assessment task

2 negative Social impacts. (People Based) For example;

  • noise
  • privacy
  • accessibility
  • health risks due to the release of wastes
  • impact on the community

2 negative environmental impacts. For example;

  • Harmful materials used e.g. asbestos
  • Water pollution
  • Water use
  • Noise pollution
  • High energy use

2 social strategies to help

  • Lowering noise
  • Increasing privacy
  • Accessibility of buildings
  • Making movement easier

2 environmental strategies to help

How can you get Green status?

SEARCH TERMS; ‘negative social impacts’, ‘negative environmental impacts’



Who owns/produces the source?

Who advertises in the source? Are the advertisements appropriate for the source?

Does the content contain all the facts or at least present both sides of an argument fairly?

What type of language is being used? Does the author use strong language or hyperbole?

Do they back up their argument with factual evidence? Can you see where they got their evidence through links or citations?

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Justification – why is it aesthetically pleasing?

JUSTIFY to give reasons for an action, decision, choice, opinion, point of view, to prove a point, and/or convince others.
KEY WORDS ASSOCIATED: critical, crucial, debatable, evidence, tone, thesis, include, preclude, relationship, criteria, rationale, because of, for this reason, due to, belief, support, evidence, furthermore, moreover, clearly, refer to, etc.

From marking criteria; “Analysis is well supported by a range of evidence to highlight the severity of potential impacts.”

Make a link between impacts and strategies used to combat the impact. 

Write your Bibliography using;

Writing a report – Predict and analyse

Provide accurate and specific evidence in each paragraph