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The Conscientious Objector | Pvt. Desmond Doss: The Fearless Warrior Without A Rifle



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  • Desmond Doss
    In his own words: watch Desmond Doss tell his own story on the Congressional Medal of Honor website along with original photos and information on other Medal of Honour recipients
  • New York Times article Desmond Doss heroic War objector also has related links including one to his obituary. Goldstein, R. (2006, Mar 25). Desmond T. doss, 87, heroic war objector. New York Times (1923-Current File) Retrieved from
  • An excellent overview from The Daily Mail Newspaper on Desmond Doss with archival photos of Desmond including one receiving his Medal of Honor from President Truman and the declaration from The Seventh Day Adventist Church on their reasons for conscientious objection religious beliefs.
  • Hacksaw Ridge’ sheds light the on the conflicting role of religious liberty today. Kelsey, D. (2016, Nov 26). New WWII film sheds light on conflicting role of religious liberty today living with differences. Deseret News Retrieved from

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