Essential information

The Task: As a group create a slideshow of a collection of 5 portraits and their analysis.

Step 1: Have a virtual excursion to The National Portrait Gallery in Canberra it has many of its portraits available for viewing online.

Step 2: Individually, choose one portrait and find out more about its creation, the artist and the subject. 

Step 3: Individually, complete an analysis of your chosen artwork

  • A)– What do you see? Describe the different parts of the work itself.
  • B)– What does it mean? What do the different aspects of the image represent? Do you get to know the subject by how the artist has portrayed them?
  • C)–  Is it good? What artistic techniques are employed? What is the artistic movement?

Step 4: Work as a group on a shared Powerpoint presentation, try and find a common theme or idea in your portraits. Use zoom in and out techniques in powerpoint to include your analysis and focus on particular parts of your artwork.

Have a look here for some ideas  – National Portrait Gallery has a collection of online ‘stories’ also the Google Arts and Culture website has some great collections.

Below is a ClickView video about portraits

The National Portrait Gallery in the UK has an amazing collection of portraits as well

Top Websites

Google Arts & Culture collection

The Telegraph – Art Reviews collection

Comprehensive website outlining how to analyse an artwork

Interesting collection of portrait artists and their work from The Art Story website

Australian Dictionary of Biography for Australian Artists

Don’t forget to use the Art Gallery of NSW website.  there is a special page all about the Archibald prize

Top quality information tools

britannica school
clickview 1