Getting started

Professional standards

1.5 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of strategies for differentiating teaching to meet the specific learning needs of students across the full range of abilities.

2.2 Organise content into an effective learning and teaching sequence.

3.4 Demonstrate knowledge of a range of resources, including ICT, that engage students in their learning.

Learning Intentions
To examine my experience of school libraries.

To understand the pedagogical approach of Oakhill College Library.

To explore strategies to use in your learning design.

Success criteria
I can compare and contrast my school library experience to what is possible at Oakhill College Library.

I understand how I could work collaboratively with library staff.

I have some teaching strategies that I could apply to my learning design.

Pretest reflection activity using Padlet

Information tools @Oakhill

Library webpage

Subject guide – Modern history

Information fluency

Clickview power user online self paced course

Exploring time

Find 2 interesting items to share with the group.

Find 3 different types of resources on a topic you are teaching or observing whilst at Oakhill College

Presentation tools

Explore the Create page and choose one presentation tool that you think may be useful during your practicum to share with the group. Do you have a favourite that is not listed here?

Visit and learn about the Create multimedia room and make a short clip about what you have learnt today. What was Plus, Minus and Interesting.