Getting started

Select ONE question from the list below:

  • What if our river systems and wetlands were degraded beyond repair?
  • Should governments protect biomes?
  • Should we all become subsistence, farmers?
  • Which biome is most important in terms of productivity and our needs?
  • Which biome needs most protection?
  • How is mining a conflicting land use with farming?
  • How have humans impacted our natural biomes?
  • Your own open-ended question – can include points from the above questions – you should consult with your teacher if you choose this option.

Your investigation question should be an open-ended question that can be answered and must be focused on ONE specific biome.  

Here’s a starting place

Biome basics

Biomes of the world

Biome habitats

General geography textbooks – Good for a Year 9 reading level

Thompson, Kate 2016 Geography NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum Stage 4 & 5, Cambridge, Melbourne p.117.
Collins, Drew ,2016 Insight Geography Australian Curriculum for NSW, Oxford, Melbourne p.57.

Now get specific

Be a smarter searcher

Words in your marking criteria can help.

“Food production” and threats and Australia
Salinity and food industry and Australia
Drought impact farming
Improving food production Australia

“food security”

“Food production” and sustainability

Websearch strategies in plain English

Getting the video organised


You can only resist too long’ the threat to Sydney’s food bowl SMH Dec 22 2017

academic language:

Options for presentation

  • Short video/ animation OR Pre-filmed TED-style talk (not more than 3-5 mins)
  • Website
  • A primary school resource
  • Slides (not to be large amounts of writing that are read off)
  • Magazine articles
  • Short Story
  • Audio tour
  • Podcast or Vlog
  • Prezzi

to use iMovie

How to use Movie Maker