Top Tips - What do I have to do?

Working in pairs – collaborate and contribute

Choose a leg of the Tour de France

Collect information from a variety of sources – be a selective collector – complete this research scaffold

Use this scaffold to help plan your website

Make a website using Google Sites. (have one person create it and share with your partner)

Examples of some bad website designs

Top 5 Website creation tips

  1. Easy to follow navigation
  2. Clean layout
  3. Mobile Compatibility
  4. Appropriate design

This is a good example using the Blue Mountains as the location.

Use this as a starting point for your own website or to get some ideas of how you could lay it out and which pages you could include

Top Tips: How do I create an interesting website?

Using the Language of judgement – help justify why you think the Tour is important

How do you choose what is important information and what you don’t need to include?

Make notes in your own words – be selective and keep it interesting

Watch this video for some tips on creating great notes

It is very important when you Publish your website to ‘manage’ the settings and change your site to Restricted

Only your teacher should be able to access your site when you send the link

Top quality information tools

britannica school
clickview 1