Research Planner

Here is a research planner to help you complete all three parts of your group research assignment.

Yr8 RE Assessment 2 Research Planner

To make this planner a live document for the group to work on, you should:

  1. Choose ONE person in each group to download the research planner.
  2. Then upload to Google Drive.
  3. Share it with other group members with permission to edit.

Part 1 - Bible References

Click here for the BibleGateway website to help you search the Scriptures for the most relevant passages about mission and the call to serve.

Part 2 - Church Orders in Australia

Below are some websites to get you started on each Church Order in Australia.

Franciscans (Franciscan Friars or Capuchin Friars)

● Dominicans

● Jesuits – Ignatians

● Benedictines

● Sisters of Mercy

● Patricians

● Congregation of Christian Brothers

● Carmelites

● Augustinians

Part 3 - Interview

Watch this short video for TIPS to help you prepare your interview with a practising Catholic.



Use Citemaker to help you compile your bibliography.

More Helpful Sources

To log into World Book Online (encyclopaedia), use the login details below:

Login ID: WalshOakhill

Password: WalshOakhill