Visit Clickview online for more videos in the Bistro Escargo series.

BBC Languages – French
Learn how to speak French with audio, video, and games, including the alphabet, phrases, BBC free lessons, and courses online. French-learning website in French from the Francophone global TV channel.
Best French Websites – University of Northern Iowa
A potpourri of French sites. You can learn languages for free; list of French words and phrases.

French Assistant

Website for learning and practising the French language. While this website does require that you register before you can use the resources there, it is still a free site.
French K-10 syllabus support – NSWThe Languages Unit has developed 29 units of work to complement the COGs (Connected Outcome Groups) framework for K-6. The sample units are generic, and teachers are encouraged to modify the units to their specific language and teaching contexts.
Jeu de l’oie: apprendre et pratiquer le francais en s’amusant
This site contains an interactive version of the traditional French board game “Game of the Goose”. Players, by responding in French to questions, move the goose around a board (similar to a snakes and ladders style).

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Tips and Tools for French Teachers
This free website has all kinds of tips and tools for French teachers, including lessons, quizzes, classroom games, projects, and inspiring ideas.


Follow the links below to find print dictionaries in the Library
“Italian language — Dictionaries — English”“English language — Dictionaries — Italian”

italianOnline dictionaries
Collins Italian dictionary
Oxford Paravia Online
The pocket Oxford Italian dictionaryIntermediate Italian for dummies [electronic resource]WordReference Italian Dictionaries

Language learning
BBC Italian
Byki Online – (Duke Only): An online language instruction resource.

Indo-European Languages Italian – Online vocabulary and grammar tutorials.

L’Italiano in famiglia – Free online course from the government of city of Brescia: a video sitcom with downloadable episodes, transcripts, and exercises.

Radio Arlecchino – Italian podcasts from the University of Texas, with transcripts and grammar notes. Italian Pronunciation – Audio clips of native speakers pronouncing 32,000+ words in Italian.

Oxford Language Dictionaries Italian Resources – (Duke users only)

Pimsleur Italian Courses  – Audio materials available at Duke University Libraries.

TV, Radio and Blogs

Radio RAI – The Italian national radio broadcaster, with streams of several radio stations. – The Italian national television broadcaster, with many video clips including daily news broadcasts and features on sports, culture, nature and food.
Videos in Italian – at Duke University libraries.

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