ASK: Topics are:
a) Vietnamese Boat People (who sought refuge to Australia after the end of the Vietnam War).
b) Hazaras fleeing persecution by the Taliban
in Afghanistan from the 2000s onwards.
c) Immigrants who came after the end of the White Australia Policy 1973.
What search terms could you use you use?

Background information
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Examples of library books
Populate or perish: immigration since 1945 325.94 MAC
Pearson history 10 909 VAN
History alive 909.08 DAR
History 10 for NSW 909.08ASH
Primary sources may include (but are not limited to): a photograph, a diary entry, a newspaper article, an excerpt from an autobiography.


Origin, Content, Motive, Audience, Reliability, Perspective and Usefulness
Use the  scaffold on your assessment task for your analysis

See College diary for guidelines.
Don’t forget the list needs to be in alphabetical order.

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