You will write a 1000 word proposal for your Independent Research Project in the form of a report with subheadings


You will record a 7-minute MULTIMODAL PRESENTATION in the form of a TED Talk for an audience of young people (the class) attending a conference entitled: Empowering Literature – Voices of Difference. Refer closely to your TWO texts.

  • You should articulate a personal response that has been informed by your Independent Research Project.
  • The presentation must include visual elements to enhance the impact and meaning of your speech.

State Library Resources

Access the State Library of NSW’s HSC English page here

Cambridge Companions

Find authoritative introductions to authors, genres and historical periods of literature, from over 600 titles online. Literary criticism and debates by leading experts are included in detailed chapters, on topics such as the modern Gothic, world literature, twenty-first-century American poetry, the novel, and the Bloomsbury Group.


Search for full-text scholarly articles from many international literature journals. An excellent source for literary criticism and analysis of authors, genres and creative writing forms. It includes a tool called JSTOR Understanding Series – choose a passage from a text and instantly see articles and chapters quoting that passage.


Find criticism, reviews and literary work in this Australian database. It contains the best new writing in all genres published in Australian literary and cultural journals, literary criticism, reviews and cultural debate. Use the advanced search screen to combine search terms.

Finding the perfect Journal article

Watch this video explanation of what a scholarly journal actually is

Evaluate your sources

Use the CRAAP test 

Finding the perfect journal article – according to Colorado University

Read the Abstract 

Interesting article about the different parts of an abstract

How to deliver a great TED talk

Have you done everything that is needed?


  • Provide a proposal which outlines the intention of investigation.
  • Demonstrate critical evaluation of at least two selected texts.
  • Demonstrate ability to use language to communicate complex ideas with clarity and originality.


  • Evaluate how literature represents voices of difference.
  • Analyse two texts to inform discussion.
  • Deliver a TED Talk using pace, emphasis, pitch, volume, eye contact and a visual presentation to engage the audience.
  • Demonstrate sound control of language and rhetorical devices appropriate to audience, purpose and form.