5 A's

What does the task require me to do?

Who might I study?

Who am I interested in?

Who do I already know?

Select useful information for your report using a VARIETY of information tools.

– Give a brief outline about your chosen leader by providing some details of their life.
Examine the roles and responsibilities of your leader in their position.
Evaluate the leadership styles which were adopted by your chosen leader.
Investigate the factors which influenced the leadership style adopted by your chosen leader.

What are the key points?

How is this information relevant to leadership?

What quotes will I select to use in my report?

What does my Assessment require me to do?

Literature review

Written report

Language of judgement and evaluation

Study boost – Writing

Consult marking criteria

Have I completed all aspects of the literature review?

Have I covered all verbs and content for my report?


Top quality information tools

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