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Athletics Australia – Coaching videos
Athletics Australia has a selection of coaching videos available for download. Topics covered include javelin, pole vault, middle distance training, hurdles and sports development in young athletes + more.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – TV
Videos covering the prevention and control of disease.

Khan Academy – Stanford School of Medicine
Stanford is collaborating with Khan Academy to provide free health and medicine content to anyone, anywhere

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Top Websites
Topics covered include Public Health, Health Regulation and Law, Health Care, End of Life Care and more.

Body Maps
BodyMaps is an interactive visual search tool that allows users to explore the human body in 3-D.

Centres for Disease Control and Prevention
Provides information on disease: chronic or acute, curable or preventable, human error or deliberate attack. CDC fights disease and supports communities and citizens to do the same.

Eating Disorders
Provides a comprehensive support and information service on all aspects of eating disorders.

ELDIS Resource Guides and Topics
Eldis is an online information service providing free access to relevant, up-to-date and diverse research on international development issues.

Health and Aging
Explores the nature of ageing and the ageing process, and diseases and conditions associated with growing older, in order to extend the healthy, active years of life.

Health and Wellbeing – CSIRO
Covers the prevention and early detection of cancers and neurological diseases, advanced nutrition and foods, medical information, imaging and biomaterials.

Health Policy in Australia
Links to key documents on the history of health policy in Australia since the 1940s.

Health resources from Springer Link
Use the search box to find relevant eBooks.

International Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women
IAPESGW is an organisation with a primary aim to support and bring together like-minded professionals from around the world who are working in the fields of physical education, dance and sport. 
IAPESGW also aims to represent and promote the interests of girls and women at all levels and in all areas of physical education, dance and sport.

National Preventative Health Strategy (Australia)
The Strategy provides a blueprint for tackling the burden of chronic disease currently caused by obesity, tobacco, and excessive consumption of alcohol. It is directed at primary prevention and addresses all relevant arms of policy and all available points of leverage, in both the health and non-health sectors.

Olympism in Action
Sport for All, Development through Sport, Women and Sport, Education through Sport, Peace through Sport as well as Sport and Environment.

Queensland Health Resources
Search many health topics through this Queensland government site.

Research from the Australian Sports Commission
Type your keyword in the search box. eg – women sport

World Health Organization – Health topics
The pages contain links to WHO projects, initiatives, activities, information products, and contacts, organised by health and development topics.

Top Websites

AllRefer Health
AllRefer Health has extensive information from trusted sources on over 4,000 topics including diseases, tests, symptoms, injuries, surgeries, nutrition, poisons, and special topics. There is also focus on family and community health.

Aussie Education

Health Education covers nutrition, a healthy diet and lifestyle, weight conditions, food groups and more. Drug Education covers drugs and their dangers, support groups including peer support and other resources. Information on Nutrition, as part of Health Education, can also be found here.

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW)

The AIHW is Australia’s national agency for health and welfare statistics and information. Topics covered include aging and aged care, housing and homelessness, population health, alcohol and other drugs, mortality, diabetes and hospitals. Access is also provided to a number of data cubes and to METeOR, AIHW’s Metadata Online Registry.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM on PubMed)
A subset of the PubMed database that specifically focuses on complementary and alternative medicine (DB)

Fitness and Sports Nutrition
Links from US government websites.

Healthdirect Australia
This resource aims to improve general health by providing easy access to quality information about human health and medicine. It offers information ranging from daily health issues, such as nutrition or smoking, to information related to life events such as birth, end of life, men’s and women’s health. Specific information topics, such as diabetes or asthma, are also available.

InteliHealth is one of the leading online health information companies and has a relationship with Harvard Medical School.

Nutrition Australia
Evidence-based nutrition information, and a number of resources to keep you informed with what’s new in nutrition.

PubMed Central
Full-text access to a number of biomedical and life sciences journal publications. (DB)

Access to approved HIV/AIDS medical practice guidelines, HIV treatment, and prevention clinical trials, and other research information for health care providers, researchers, people affected by HIV/AIDS, and the general public.

Aussie Educator – Physical Education
This page looks at the State & Territory information – including curriculums, then sections covering fitness activities, minor games, aerobics, sources of information and assistance, lesson plans and Australian Physical Education groups.

Australian Bureau of Statistics
The Census is of vital importance to Australian communities.
Community organisations, private institutions and all levels of government use Census figures as the basis for many planning decisions, such as where to provide services for the elderly and young people.

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
Is a major national agency set up by the Australian Government to provide reliable, regular and relevant information and statistics on Australia’s health and welfare?

SportDiscus (EBSCO)
SportDiscus is a database for sports and sports medicine research. Access via the State Library NSW website using a public library card.

State Library of NSW – DRUG INFO page
Drug Info is a partnership between the NSW Ministry of Health and the State Library of NSW. Information is provided to the community via the Drug Info website, a collection of  plain language books and factsheets held in NSW public libraries and public programs delivered by public library staff.

The Drug Info service is co-ordinated by staff of the Drug Info service at the State Library of NSW. Drug Info staff administer the Drug Info website, provide updates to the book collections in public libraries, and assist libraries to deliver the service and programs to their communities.

Top quality information tools

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