What topic will you choose?

  1. The unethical portrayal of Marriage in the Media e.g. in reality and non-reality TV OR
  2. The unethical portrayal of life’s aspirations and goals i.e. ‘Fame and Fortune’ OR
  3. The unethical portrayal of the social vices of  pre marital sex

What search terms could you use?
“Reality TV” impact, concerns, problems

“Rich and famous”, media, portrayal

Pre marital sex , media

Ethics and media

Reality television effects on society

“Catholic church teachings” premarital sex

“Catholic church teachings” poverty


Oliver copy

Media ethics

Media and ethics eBook

exploring religion and ethics


Religon ethics

EXPLORE 282.071


Great for journal articles. Try “reality television effects on society” for search terms

Church teachings – Ensure good quality authors

Pope Benedict XVI 2009, Catholic Social Teaching on Poverty, an Option for the Poor, and the Common Good, Department of Justice. Peace and Human Development, viewed 22 May 2018, < http://< 

Mercatornet and pre marital sex

Archbishop Anthony Fisher 2017, Between ideal and reality: what future for marriage in Australia? viewed 22 May 2018, < http://<

Why are churches filled with riches when Jesus asked his followers to give their wealth away? – Quora n.d., viewed 22 May 2018, < 

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Journal article

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