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The Advocate is a satirical, fictitious newspaper that reports on topical events in the news

Kate McClymont Learns She Can Only Investigate Dodgy Tradies, Hoons And Neighbourhood Disputes From Now On

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Short story – Simak, Cliiford The beachhead 29 pages

Millard, Glenda, Bringing Reuben home Chapter 1 pp 5-8

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Conaghan, Brian, The bombs that brought us together Chapter 1 pp 1-7

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Song Lyrics and Podcast: Anarchy and Irony

Check out DISSECT  Series 1, Ep 2 Podcast interpreting Good kid, M.A.Ad City by Kendrick Lamar on Spotify, iTunes or Podbean

Good Kid – Kendrick Lamar

Revolution – The Beatles

For what its worth – Buffalo Springfield

I want to break free – Queen

The Prisoner – UB40

Isn’t it ironic? – Alanis Morissette

Fortunate Son – Creedence Clearwater Revival

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Corbett, S. 2015, “M.T. Anderson Writes History… in Four Movements“, Publishers Weekly, vol. 262, no. 29, pp. 39-n/a.

M T (Tobin), A. & Blasingame, J. 2003, “An Interview with M.T. (Tobin) Anderson“, Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, vol. 47, no. 1, pp. 98-99.

O’Connor, Kate.  2014, ‘The adolescent book: Feed and Joel the cat set the story straight‘, Metaphor, no. 3, pp. 12-15.

Prince, J. 2009, Giving Readers What They Want: An Interview with M.T. Anderson, E L Kurdyla Publishing LLC, Bowie.

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Constantakis, S(ed.) 2017, A Study Guide for M. T. Anderson’s “Feed” – Style, Gale, Farmington Hills.

Hewes, B 2019, HSC Standard English Year 12, Pascal Press, S.l. Chapter on Feed pp 229-235

enotes – Provides an extended summary of Feed

Shmoop – Provides a chapter by chapter summary of Feed

LitCharts – Provides a detailed summary of Feed

Spark Notes – Provides a brief overview of Feed

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Advertising in the Digital Age – Do you know when and where are you being targeted for marketing? It may be more often and in more places than you think.

From Modernity to Post-Modernity – What is meant by a post-modern world and post-modern sociology? Is post-modern theory really offering a new direction for sociology? Or is it just a passing fashion?

The Power of Persuasion – The subtle tricks and tactics that advertisers, marketers, and even con men can use to get you to do what they want, without you noticing.ection for sociology? Or is it just a passing fashion?


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