Clickview videos are useful. Search for Weimar Germany.
Hitler’s people – Conformity – Taking a look behind the scenes of the German Reich, this 2-part series sheds light on the almost incredible loyalty and support Hitler commanded among the German public. Some primary source footage.

People’s century Master class gives a clear analysis

The Nazi games – Work of Leni von Riefenstahl

iWonder – The Holocaust – Year by year with videos BBC

Primary sources

World War II – BBC Particularly the Impact of Nazi rule

Holocaust studies – Links to survivor stories

United States Holocaust museum Links to artifacts

Voices of the Holocaust – British library

Audio Voiceover tips and sources

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Top websites for expert groups

Yad Vashem display

1.Shoah and Antisemetic ideology – BBC

What is Shoah? Shoah foundation

What is Antisemitism – Holocaust memorial museum

Time magazine – Where the Holocaust began

2. German Jews

The persecution of German Jews –

3. The occupation of Europe and Ghettos

Life stories – Holocaust memorial day trust

4. A murderous turning point and The Einsatzgruppen

The Einsatzgruppen – Holocaust research project

World Holocaust rememberance center

5. The Final Solution and Auschwitz – Birkenau

The first moments of Hitler’s Final solution – The Smithsonian magazine

Cybrary of the Holocaust

Auschwitz – Inside the Nazi State PBS

6. Jewish responses  – Resistance

 Jewish resistance to the Holocaust – British Library

7. Righteous among nations

Jewish virtual library

8. Liberation and Return to Life

Liberation National Holocaust Centre and Museum

Sydney Jewish museum – Survivors

Magazine articles and reference tools

britannica school
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Suggested books and 

In the Explore area look at general history books in Dewey numbers 909 and 943.

Nelson connect with history. 10  /  Vicki Greer 909.08
Extensive Holocaust source study

History Alive 10: for the Australian Curriculum

Robert Darlington 909.08 DAR Concise coverage of the Holocaust.

Analysing modern history  /  Richard Malone.  (2009) 909.82 MAL

Nazi Germany 1933-1945  /  Christopher Culpin, Steve Mastin.  (2013) 943.086 CUL
10 pages of quality information p111-120

Germany 1918 – 1945  /  KJ Mason.  (2014) 943.085 MAS
Quality information, sources and statistics.