Assessment Notification

Learning Intention

  • Research local environmental issues for your Visual Arts Assessment Task 2.
  • Explore an environmental issue that impacts you and your world.

Learning Criteria

  • I can locate 2 articles that will assist me in writing an artist statement.
  • I can search for articles using search engines and databases, such as Gale High School and Gale News.

Use the following search terms to research an environmental issue:

  • Environmental Issues + NSW
  • Negative Environmental Impacts + Australia
  • Climate Change + Australia
  • Introduced Species + NSW
  • Deforestation + Australia
  • Overfishing + Australia
  • Pollution + NSW

Useful Search Engines


Google Scholar



Useful Databases

britannica school

clickview 1

Download and complete the Note-taking Task – Cornell Notes.

Use your notes to complete your Statement of Intent.

Explain why you selected this environmental issue.

Explain how it impacts you.

Explain how it impacts your world.

Language of Justification

I chose this theme because…

I chose this theme as I wanted to…

There are several reasons why I selected this theme…

This theme was important/significant to me because…

This theme enabled me to understand the importance of…

Complete the evaluation form.