Understanding Places and Liveability

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Geography NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum Stage 4 Years 7 and 8 textbook Chapter 7

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Boddy, A. (2016). Geography NSW syllabus for the Australian curriculum stage 4 years 7 and 8 pack (textbook and interactive textbook). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Reasons Sydney is outside top 10 cities in global livability

I’m relieved Melbourne is no longer the most liveable city – Sydney Morning Herald

How to create liveable cites

Neighbourhood walkability checklist

Ten points for liveable cities: Lessons from Singapore http://www.archdaily.com/335568/ten-points-for-liveable-cities-lessons-from-singapore/ 

This article summarises the steps that Singapore, an island nation in the Asian Pacific and third densest country in the world, has taken in response to its growing urban populations to ensure it is a liveable high-density city. Place and liveability.

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Boddy, A, et.al. 2016, Geography NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum Stage 4 Years 7 and 8 Pack (Textbook and Interactive Textbook)., Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Easton, M, & Saldais, M 2013, Big ideas., Oxford University Press, South Melbourne. Pg 186-191

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Why is Singapore a great place to live?”

Problems with living in Singapore

Crime AND Singapore

Infrastructure AND Singapore

Pollution AND Singapore

Transport AND Singapore

Housing affordability AND Singapore


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