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Disease  Technology Body system
Chronic Sinusitis Endoscopic sinus surgery Respiratory system
Rotator cuff (shoulder) tear Arthroscopic shoulder surgery Skeletal/muscular system
Osteoarthritis Knee replacement Skeletal/muscular system
Kidney stones Shockwave lithotripsy Excretory system
Atherosclerosis Angioplasty (stent placement) Circulatory system
Bradycardia Pacemaker Circulatory system

20 Medical technology advances – Medical futurist

General body systems

Body systems – Khan Academy – includes a test

Body systems – Science learning hub

Inner body – With interactive elements

Body Systems – Splash ABC – Quality, videos articles

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Pacemaker fact sheet

Pacemaker side effects

Pacemaker risks

Pacemaker advantages or benefits

Pacemaker cost

Creating your Picture in Picture Powerpoint presentation

Having trouble with your PowerPoint?
Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

Instructions how to create a Picture in picture Powerpoint

Picture in picture Powerpoint demonstration with research and ppt tips

Need a camera to record yourself? Apple use Photobooth, PC use ‘Camera’ app ready to insert your video in your Powerpoint presentation.

Ensure you use Powerpoint and NOT Google slides – Need Office 365? – This is available on

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