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Body System and Process

Plant OR Human Body system Process with Suggested resources 
Reproductive system of flowering plants Pollination
Human Respiratory system Breathing or Gas Exchange
Human Circulatory system Circulation
Human Urinary (Excretory) system Excretion
Excretory/ Integumentary Sweating,   Skin Model 

  1. Identify the important biological process and describe how it works in your chosen system
  2. Use your model to describe the main parts, their functions, and explain how these work together to allow the process to take place in the chosen system
  3. Explain the importance of this process in relation to any ONE of: the growth, survival and/or reproduction of the organism
  4. Discuss the advantages and limitations of your model in effectively explaining the process.

In this task, you will create and use a model that explains a process that occurs in your chosen system of a flowering plant or human body. You will then create a video showing how you use your model to explain how this process works. You will also discuss the advantages and limitations of your model.

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