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Disease  Technology Body system
Arthritis  Knee replacement

Better Health channel

Skeletal system
Asthma Use of a puffer

Asthma foundation

Respiratory system
Kidney stones Shockwave lithotripsy


Excretory system
Atherosclerosis Angioplasty (stent placement)

Health direct

Circulatory system
Bradycardia Pacemaker

Mayo clinic

Circulatory system

20 Medical technology advances – Medical futurist

General body systems

Body systems – Khan Academy – includes a test

Body systems – Science learning hub

Inner body – With interactive elements

Body Systems – Splash ABC – Quality, videos articles

Literacy demands

Creating your Picture in Picture Powerpoint presentation

Instructions how to create a Picture in picture Powerpoint

Picture in picture Powerpoint demonstration with research and ppt tips

Need a camera to record yourself? Apple use Photobooth, PC use ‘Camera’ app ready to insert your video in your Powerpoint presentation.

Ensure you use Powerpoint and NOT Google slides – Need Office 365? – This is available on

Top quality information tools

britannica school

Good for Sydney Morning Herald articles

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