Green Screen

What is Chroma Key (green screen)?
How does a green screen work?

Chroma key techniques

Green screen tips and tricks video tutorial

How to plan, film and edit your movie…
Click here to learn filmmaking and directing steps

Storyboard template

Video Background Loops for Oakhill Green Screen Use

Beautiful high-resolution background images

How to use the Oakhill Multimedia Green Screen Equipment
Instructions for use of the equipment and Software

Conditions of Use

Moving Making Software

iMovie (Apple) know how…

How to insert a background image with your green screen video in iMovie

How to use iMovie

How to use Picture in Picture with iMovie

Picture in picture in Powerpoint

How to share your completed iMovie via Google Drive

iMovie guide from Apple support
iMovie tutorial using green screen feature – YouTube

If you have a PC then ADOBE Premiere Pro is available for you to use

Ask for a licence using the form on Oaklife

Lots of tutorials available online on how to use this great software

Starting a movie-making project

How to plan your movie making task and steps to follow HERE

Finishing a movie-making project

Funny green screen videos