Marking criteria

1. Use appropriate research methodology to investigate a hypothesis
2. Analyse and interpret data from primary and secondary sources
3. Use direct quotes, referencing and justification of opinions

Your diary

5 A’s of Research methodology
1. ASK What are you really interested in?
What are your key terms – Synonyms

2. ACQUIRE primary and secondary qualitative and quantitative research – Statistics

3. ANALYSE the issues and opinions

4. APPLY information to make predictions and draw conclusions using direct quotes, referencing and justification of opinions.

5. ASSESS Honestly reflect on problems solutions and record conversations, contacts, reading and sources. Look at your marking criteria and refer to it often to ensure you are on track.

Top Websites

word power

Use Citemaker for your referencing as you research

Top quality information tools

Library catalogue

Spinney press books and ebooks

EBSCO Explora for journal and newspaper articles

You may need to explore other libraries. You can search their catalogues online.