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War Poems and Others Random House Australia, 1992, ISBN: 9780900882463
Standard, Module B: Close Study of Text

‘The Next War’, ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’, ‘Dulce Et Decorum Est’, ‘Insensibility’, ‘Futility’, ‘Strange Meeting’

Kerr, Douglas (1992) Brothers in Arms: Family Language in Wilfred OwenThe Review of English Studies Vol. 43, No. 172, pp. 518-534

Hewes, B & Puiu, M, 2010. 
Excel HSC Standard English. 1st ed. Glebe NSW: Paschal Press, pp. 265-273

Wilfred Owen and the Soldier Poets The Review of English Studies, New Series, Vol. 40, No. 160 (Nov., 1989), pp. 516-530

Stafford, Heather. The poetry of Wilfred Owen, a sentimental rebel Metaphor, No. 1, Feb 2015: 37-43.

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