Reverence for Life Issue & Research

Step 1: Choose a Reverence for Life issue from the following:

  • Abortion
  • Euthanasia

Step 2: Research the following:-

  • Define the terms- ‘Reverence’ and Human Dignity’
  • Define your chosen issue
  • Outline why this issue is unethical (i.e. what is morally wrong with it?)
  • Outline TWO arguments ‘FOR’ and  ‘AGAINST’ related to the issue.
  • Locate TWO quotes from Scripture, that supports the Catholic Church’s stance/teaching on this issue
  • Locate TWO Church Teachings from Encyclicals AND/OR the Catechism

Academic writing

Catholic Church Teachings


Explain what the Catholic Church teaches us, using supportive references from Scripture AND Church teachings (Encyclicals OR Catechism)

Searching for bills and legislation

Use search terms – eg. legislation euthanasia

Top quality information tools

britannica school
clickview 1

Good for newspaper articles in Sydney Morning Herald

Good for a topic overview and viewpoints

Helpful Resources

 Oliver library catalogue 

Issues in society eBooks Download a copy

Voluntary Euthanasia

The Abortion debate

Use the