Reverence for Life Issue & Research

Step 1: Choose a Reverence for Life issue from the following:

  • Euthanasia
  • Genetic Engineering- Cloning

Step 2: Research the following:-

  • Define the terms- ‘Reverence’ and Human Dignity’
  • Define your chosen issue
  • Outline why this issue is unethical (i.e. what is morally wrong with it?)
  • Outline TWO arguments ‘FOR’ and  ‘AGAINST’ related to the issue.
  • Locate TWO quotes from Scripture, that supports the Catholic Church’s stance/teaching on this issue
  • Locate TWO Church Teachings from Encyclicals AND/OR the Catechism

Bibliography in Harvard format of 3 sources of information using CitemakerAcademic writing

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Helpful Resources

 Oliver library catalogue 

Download a copy of the issues in society books

Voluntary Euthanasia

Human engineering and ethics

Use the
Oakhill College Digital library using Explora and Britannica