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The Centre for Copyright Information was formed as a collaboration between the content community and Internet Services Providers to educate consumers about the importance of copyright protection and help find better ways to legally enjoy digital content. This information is about intellectual property.

Who owns code? Copyright pitfalls


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Security VS Privacy ABC
On this webpage an experienced Australian science and technology writer, Peter Quiddington, looks into the changing nature of Australian security surveillance and its impact on individual privacy.

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
Office of the Australian Information Commissioner provides information and fact sheets about current legislation and the role of the department. The site includes statistics and information about issues such as email spam, privacy in business, privacy rights etc. There are also answers frequently asked questions about the right to privacy under the headings of General, Health, Credit, Government, Telecommunications, Private Schools, ID Scanning and Social Networking.

Roger Clarke’s dataveillance and information privacy pages contain comprehensive articles and reports on the issue as it applies to Australia

Privacy and reputation – Harvard
This site is a collection of learning experiences, visualisations, and other educational resources on privacy and respectful behaviour. QUALITY

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