Essential Information

Being a great searcher

Using google to sift through information. Basic google tips sheet

Think about URLs .com

Think about bias in travel sites

Make judgements about what is useful or not.

Summarise the information in your own words

Go back to the question – what is it asking you to do?

Information about Cities

Best Place to go for accurate information is the Lonely Planet Page

Another place to go is the Nations Online – Cities of France page

Tips for Note making

What does it mean to summarise?

A summary has the following characteristics. It:

  –Is short

  –Is to the point, containing the big idea of the text

  –Omits trivial information and collapses lists into a word or phrase

  –Is not a retelling or a “photocopy” of the text

Video on Notemaking:

Tips for writing and creating

Using the correct language of judgement in your presentation is important.

This document will give you some great hints on how to explain why you think the places you have chosen are important

Tips for creating a great slideshow

How to create Picture in Picture powerpoint – so your face can be on the top of the screen

Top quality information tools

Number One Pick for Cities is Britannica

britannica school
clickview 1