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Beach erosion threatens human activities. This program looks at many aspects of beaches, from the life in the littoral zone to the basic geology of beaches.

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Case studies

Search terms eg.  Waikiki coastal management OR Nice Beach problems

  • California – Huntington Beach 

Quick, S. (2022). Huntington Beach’s Oceanfront: Trends and Concerns. Voice of OC

Hawaii – Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach is Totally Man-Made (And Disappearing) 2017

  • Hopton, Norfolk, England

Coastal Erosion and the Law of Nuisance: Alter Tidal Flow at Your Peril – Environment Journal 2016,

  • Nice, France

Mosconi, A 2021, Mediterranean treasures under threat: Riviera beaches eaten away by coastal erosion, MonacoTribune, Monaco Tribune, viewed 25 July 2022, < >.

Management strategies

Waikiki Beach maintenance, viewed 20 August 2019, <

Huntington Beach Water quality management plan

Photos – Search for eg. Huntington Beach pollution or Huntington Beach problems