Search terms

USSR – Soviet, Russia, Bolshevik

Stalin – Stalinism, Communism

Change – impact, effect, purges

Social change – family,  life, work, people, schools, children, peasants

Culture – women, religion, church, art music, education, propaganda

Years: 1922 – 1953

Specific policies – collectivization, kulaks, NKVP, totalitarianism

What information tools?

Search terms: Stalin and society

e.g. Thurston, R. W. (1991). The Soviet family during the great terror, 1935-1941. Soviet Studies43(3), 553.

Search terms: Stalin Collectivization

e.g Landis, E. (1998). Peasant Rebels Under Stalin: Collectivization and the Culture of Peasant ResistanceThe English Historical Review113(452), 787

e.g Great purge

Primary sources

EuroDocs: Russian Revolution, Civil War, and USSR 1917-1991

The basics

The basics

Stalin and the Soviet Union: The USSR 1924-53. (1994). Longman.p. 18-19

Webb, K. (2015). Russia and the Soviet Union 1917-1941. Get Smart Education pp.115-120

Historians perspectives and section

HTA modern history study guide. (2019). History Teachers Association of NSW Inc. pp.98.101

HTA study guide section

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An Annotated bibliography explained UNSW

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Introducing evidence

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