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Download your ROCKET PDF here

Yr 7 & Yr 8: Complete the Progress Reader assignment

Choose your mission

Check your oxygen

Check your engine

Check your throttle

“I have decided to improve my reading accuracy by completing a variety of reading activities.”

  • Reflecting in my Reading Rocket
  • Submitting my progress reader assignment in Microsoft Teams
  • Reading aloud to an adult or friend for minimum 10 minutes every day for a week

Floating & Happy, tranquil & peaceful in Space

“I have decided to read what I like, when I like.”

Most popular titles, a whole series of my choice, ebooks, audiobooks, podcasts, magazines, comics

I will show what I have done by;

  • reflecting on my reading in my Reading Rocket; AND
  • visiting a planet for a reading merit; OR
  •  Share your thoughts by clicking on “What did you think about the book” (middle column →)

Go where no one has gone before, set a trajectory to a new destination; TO THE MOON

“I have decided to read books outside of my comfort zone, choose titles from the Boost List on the library catalogue & try new genres and series”

I will show what I have done by;

  • Reflecting in my Reading Rocket about what I have read AND
  • Share your thoughts by clicking on “What did you think about the book” (middle column →)
  • Visiting a planet for a Reading Boost merit

Watch THIS video on how to write a book review to earn a Reading Boost merit

How to reach the Stars

Planets to stop by along the way

EARTH: Turn up to Just Read Time prepared with a book to read

MERCURY: Complete the reading progress activity in TEAMS

VENUS: My English teacher recognises me as a reader and gives me a Reading Boost Merit

MARS: I have talked with library staff about books I have read

JUPITER: I recommended a book for the Library to purchase

SATURN: I have added a book review on the library catalogue

URANUS: I have shared my thoughts about a book on the library website

NEPTUNE: I have spent time reading aloud to an adult or friend

ALPHA CENTAURI: I have designed my own destination

CLICK HERE to respond- What did you think about the book?

You can respond to the book in a number of ways:

  • “I used to think…but now I think”
  • “Most important – word, sentence, phrase in the book”
  • “Colour, Symbol, Image to represent the text”
  • Submit a screenshot of your SORA badges
  • Create a song playlist for the book
  • Create a meme to represent the ideas in the book
  • Record a short video or audio recording with your response

Upload your response using this Google Form

Submit your book response to earn a Merit

CLICK HERE  to access the google form

Reading Boost List

CLICK HERE to see the Reading Boost list in the library catalogue

Want to read some great book reviews?

CLICK HERE  For book reviews by other students

Watch the launch video again

Mission Accomplished!

Submit your Reading Boost portfolio, with evidence of reading over term 2 & 3, and you can attend the Reading Boost Award Celebration with Brother Steve. 

It must contain;    Your Reading Rocket PDF with your goals and achievements for term 2 & 3

It should show consistent effort over the two terms with;

  • Reading Boost merits you have earned 
  • The books you have read and your reviews 
  •  Reading Progress scores (screen shots) you have achieved 

Reach the Outer Limits

Senior 9-12


  • Upload your book reviews on the library catalogue OR
  • Click on the link “What did you think about the book” (← middle column) and share your thoughts
  • Earn Reading Boost merits by visiting different planets
  • Show your portfolio of reading to library staff at the end of Term 3

Mission control will invite students to attend a special award ceremony & celebration