Where could you take your time travellers?


What information tools could you use to acquire information?



Collect sensory information on your sites.

Discover reasons to convince people to visit your site.

How to write your sensory experience explained here

Collect information for your bibliography as you go


Understanding persuasive writing here

How to write create your bifold brochure explained here
When you print using Google docs
File Print
– More settings
– Double sided
– ‘Flip on short edge’.
– File-Print- save as a pdf
Then load your print job into paper cut. The usual way we print.


Ramses II

Have I completed all instructions in the assessment task?

Have a checked the assessment criteria to maximise my marks?

Do I need to go back and do something else?

Top library books

Egypt magnified 932 LON

tut book

Tutankhamun: Egypt’s most famous pharaoh EXPLORE 932 TUT

people egypt

People of Ancient Egypt EXPLORE 932 BOO

Hat book

Hatshepsut EXPLORE 932 WEB