I can read anywhere!

Welcome to the Oakhill College Read to Succeed Training Program.

Reading from Home? Don’t forget online reading still counts and could get you invited to the Principal’s Morning tea

Watch this video or read this flyer to find out more

LEVEL 1 – Read and post on your padlet regularly

LEVEL 2 – Read and Post Regularly

PLUS Read 4 books of your own choice

LEVEL 3 -Read & Post regularly

PLUS Read 4 own choice books

PLUS Read 3 each from the Principal’s list & Student Top Titles List

Training ends Term 4, Week 2

For students in Years 9 -12

Follow your interest and take control over what you are reading

The Senior Edition Training program has different requirements to achieve the 3 levels of awards. Click the Need to Know tab to find out more

Read what you choose 

Tutor’s Award – Come to tutor time prepared with a book and read it 

Dean’s Award – Update your status on your padlet once a month

Principal’s Award – Read 3 from the Senior Edition Principal’s list 

***Principal Award winners will be invited to a Senior Lunch

How do I read to succeed?

What can I read now I am learning from home?

Reading from home could involve the newspaper, a website or interesting blog, even a podcast you have been listening to can be included. Don’t forget any ebooks or audiobooks can be accessed from home as well.

How do I post about an online source?

Just make sure to include the URL so we can see the website or blog you have been reading and give it a review like you would a book. Did you like it? Why?

Follow these steps to complete the program

STEP 1: Create a padlet. Watch this video

STEP 2: Sign up for Read to Succeed

Year 7    Year 8

Senior Edition Year 9 and Senior school

Parents as partners in learning

STEP 3:  Read regularly, anywhere you like

Post on your padlet regularly to earn stickers and rewards


FAQ Awards

What do I have to do to receive a tutor’s award? Year 7 & 8 – Read regularly and log your reading.

 Senior – Arrive to tutor time with a book to read

What do I have to do to receive a Dean’s Award? Year 7 & 8Read regularly and log your reading AND Read 4 books of your own choice.  Senior – Post on  your padlet once a month

What do I have to do to receive a Principal’s Award? Year 7 & 8 – Log your reading every two weeks. AND Read 4 books of your own choice AND read 3 books from the Principal’s list and 3 from the student list

Senior – Read 3 books from the Senior Edition reading list

FAQ Posting

How do I log my reading? By creating a padlet – make sure your padlet is clearly formatted into columns for Principals, Students and Own choice books. Watch the video on the Read to Succeed page for more detail on using a padlet

What is ‘regular’ posting? Every two weeks or monthly

What should be included in a padlet post? Make sure to include a review of the book that you have read. What do you think about it? Be specific – was there a particular setting, character or plot point that you found amazing?

Do not just copy and paste something from the internet. Your posts should be in your own words.

Your post should include the book title and author. Also, if it is on the Principal’s or student list please make that clear.

FAQ Reading

If I read a series, do all the books in the series get counted?

If you read one of the series on the Principal’s List, that will count as one entry

Where can I find the list of books to read for the Principal’s Award & Student Top Titles list?

On the library website Read to Succeed page, right hand side of the page

Access the Pinterest page and click on the links to take you to the library catalogue page

Can I read a book from home or my local library? Yes

Can I read an eBook or listen to an audiobook? Yes

Can I listen to a podcast instead? Yes

Can I read a magazine or newspaper? Yes

Can I read a book I have read before? NO

FAQ Other

Do all year 7, 8 and 9 students have to join the Read to Succeed program? Yes. All Year 7, 8 and 9 students must participate and log their reading

How long does this program last? Terms 2 and 3 until week 2 in Term 4

I’m doing the Premier’s reading challenge. Can I include these books? Yes, as long as it follows the rules of the Premier’s reading challenge. See Mrs Peacock if you have questions about this

As a parent, who can I contact if I have a question? Mrs Revai lrevai@oakhill.nsw.edu.au

R2S Rewards

Collect stickers in your diary to earn merits and prizes

5 stickers = a merit

10 stickers = a merit + a chocolate

15 stickers = a merit + a chocolate + a canteen voucher

When viewing the Pinterest pages, click on the book cover to discover:

Click here for an alphabetical list of Principal’s Book List

Click here for an alphabetical list of the Student’s Top Titles List