Your assessment
You are to choose
ONE of the following events to report on in your article:
Significant events: 1930s Germany

  • 1933 Nazi Book Burning
  • 1935 Nuremberg Laws
  • 1936 Berlin Olympics
  • 1938 Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass)
  • Anti semitism under the Nazi’s

Primary sources are required. Secondary sources will help you understand the context.


Holocaust museum – Use the search box for your topic TOP QUALITY

Some primary sources

World War II – BBC Particularly the Impact of Nazi rule

Holocaust studies – Links to survivor stories

Magazine articles and reference material TOP QUALITY
History reference centre. History Today magazine is good for thishistory reference center

primary sources


Clickview videos are useful. Search for Weimar Germany.
Hitler’s people – Conformity – Taking a look behind the scenes of the German Reich, this 2-part series sheds light on the almost incredible loyalty and support Hitler commanded among the German public. Some primary source footage.

People’s century Master class gives a clear analysis

The Nazi games – Work of Leni von Riefenstahl

iWonder – The Holocaust – Year by year with videos BBC

Suggested books

In the Explore area general history textbooks are at 909 and 943 is German history. Don’t forget your index and table of contents.

Good source study of Holocaust

Nelson connect with history. 10  /  Vicki Greer 909.08
Extensive Holocaust source study


History alive. 10 : for the Australian curriculum  /  Robert Darlington 909.08 DAR
Concise coverage of the Holocaust

AnalysingmodernhistoryAnalysing modern history  /  Richard Malone.  (2009) 909.82/MAL

Nazi germany

Nazi Germany 1933-1945  /  Christopher Culpin, Steve Mastin.  (2013) 943.086/CUL
10 pages of quality information p111-120


Germany 1918 – 1945  /  KJ Mason.  (2014) 943.085 MAS
Quality information, sources and statistics.