Start training!

The 2017 program has closed…stay tuned for the 2018 program to begin!

Welcome to the Oakhill College Read to Succeed training program. The aim is to develop a regular reading habit. This will help you improve in many ways such as:
·         Your writing ability
·         Text comprehension and grammar
·         Your vocabulary
·         Positive reading attitudes
·         Greater self-confidence as a reader
·         Pleasure in reading in later life
·         General knowledge
·         A better understanding of other cultures
·         A greater insight into human nature and decision-making

How does it work?

Complete your Read to Succeed level nomination form for Year 7, Year 8 or Years 9-12. Indicate which reading level you are aiming for: Teacher’s award, Dean’s Award or Principal’s Award.

Read books regularly.

Principal’s Award Reading lists

Years 7 and 8  for Years 9 – 12

Read to Succeed logs

Year 7, Year 8, Years 9-12 to complete each fortnight.

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