Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a supportive learning environment facilitating academic care to inspire, motivate and challenge learners to maximise their potential.
We invite you to make the most of this state of the art facility during your time at Oakhill College.


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Frequently asked questions ...

  • Question: How do I find a book?
    Answer: Look it up on our iPad catalogue and follow the map directions
  • Question: Is my class booked into the Library this lesson?
    Answer: Look on the front display screen outside
  • Question: What hours is the Library open on Wednesday?
    Answer: 8 am till 4 pm  See the library website About page for further details
  • Question: How many books can I borrow?
    Answer: 4
  • Question: How do I print?
    Answer: See the sign on the Blue cash machine beside the printers OR watch this short video
  • Question: How much does it cost to print?
    Answer: 10c for black and white, 30c for colour per page
  • Question: How do I book a class into the Library?
    Answer: Open Sentral>Click on blue icon top left>under scheduling choose Resource Booking>Select date and time you want to book>enter you and your class details in New Booking window> Save
    Question: Where is my class booked?
    Answer: Look on the front display screen outside
    Question: Where is lost property?
    Answer: Lost property is kept in Library on the day it is found, after that it is taken to student services

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