Think about questions and the terms you might use to search to answer the question Assess the impact of the Industrial revolution of Great Britain and Australia.
General search
Industrial revolution AND Great Britain
Industrial revolution AND Australia
Get specific. Try each type of feature of the industrial revolution
Industrial revolution AND Transport
Industrial revolution and railways
Impact railways australia


Think about where you might locate your information

Use Bibliography generators such as the Harvard generator or Cite this for me to reference sources as you go.

Check out the Guide to writing an Annotated bibliography

General Information

The first place many students will go is Wikipedia. It is quite text dense but could be useful for the section on technological developments. A better alternative is the often school or local library databases (encyclopaedias).

britannicaSearch for ”Industrial Revolution”

history reference centerGreat for quality journal articles. Try the publication History today

Remember some general Australian history books at 994 will have a chapter on this.


clickview with border

There is an excellent video on the impacts of The Industrial revolution, and another on Our Industrial story.



Population Change – It’s good to get specific with statistics.

Gap minder showing a graph

Australian Population growth animated chart from the Australian Bureau of statistics

Population shifts during the industrial revolution. This gives reasons.

Way of life (experiences of men, women, children)

Child Labour in Britain

Child Labour Activity

Children in Victorian Britain – Whilst targeted at primary students this is a visually appealing and useful resource

The Sadler Committee Report on Textile Factories

Modern History Sourcebook: Harriet Robinson: Lowell Mill Girls, In her autobiography, Harriet Hanson Robinson, explains some of the family dynamics involved, and lets us see the women as active participants in their own lives – for instance in their strike of 1836. (describes US Mill Life)

Try some Horrible Histories! Check out their Youtube Channel, watch on BBC or ABC3 in Australia or paytv. Look out for the following

  • Work terrrible work (song)
  • Georgian Wife Swap (about enclosures act and poverty)
  • Victorian Childhood
  • New Victorian maid (shouty man)


AC History unit from the History Teachers Association Industrial revolution

Linking a Nation: Australia’s Transport and Communications 1788 – 1970

Impact of Industrial revolution in Australia – Powerhouse museum – Railways

Trade unions in Australia 8 hour day


Other Resources/Ideas

Another way into a topic (particularly modern day )is through tag galaxy –is a way students can get a visual impression of a topic.  Check out this one using Industrial revolution then choose England as tags.

Workbook sample chapter


With all this information select what is useful for the lesson activity. 

Perhaps use COMBAT to judge.
Context of the item? American?
Origin Where did this information come from? Authority of author?
Motive of the writer?
Timely? In the right timeframe?


Summarise your work
Tables are helpful for summarising.
Consider backing up your points with primary source evidence – Quotes, statistics
Use Bibliography generators such as the Harvard generator or Cite this for me to reference sources you have used.

Consider the language demands of this activity. Our Library Academic writing page and particularly pages on the Wordpower for an extended response,  language of cause and effect and modality will help you with this assessment.

TEEL is handy when writing an extended response
Topic Sentence
Evidence (AJP Taylor writes…, Gannon suggests…, Alternatively Smith claims…, Statistics show us…, )
Explanation of your point
Link to the question


Before you submit your assignment follow these steps
Read the task
Review the marking criteria
Proof Read for grammar and spelling
Try and finish your task at least the day before it is due.

When the task is returned
Read the comments – What do you learn from this for next time?

Some good websites

Whole topic

This is an excellent interactive resource that provides extensive, approachable information and interesting and fun activities. The aim is to encourage students to look critically at documentary evidence of the past through looking at a section (gallery) which focuses upon an area of public life during the Victorian period. In each of these galleries, students are required to investigate an aspect of Victorian life by considering a key question.  Whilst all the galleries are interesting the most pertinent would be An Industrial Nation?  How safe was it to work in Victorian Britain? Each gallery is made up an introduction, a timeline, a series of sources, each with tasks, further background information and  aeries of activities, which require students to make use of the knowledge and understanding that they have acquired (INCLUDING GAMES!)

Origins and Technological Innovations

Turning Points in History – Industrial Revolution uploaded to Youtube AllHistories on Oct 2, 2009

  • Great Inventors of the Industrial Revolution –  TeachersFirst offers this classroom-ready unit on Inventors of the Industrial Revolution, in a format well-suited for projector, IWB, or individual student use. These interactive lessons will help students grasp the background and impact of the inventors of the Industrial Revolution. The activities include a timeline and some basic facts so students build a context of historical events and every day life in the time period.

Sydney’s Powerhouse museum has resources such as this

Britain’s Culture 24 a portal for British museums. Type in Industrial Revolution


Khan Academy – Macroeconomics