Essential Information

Being a great searcher

Using google to sift through information. Basic google tips sheet

Think about URLs .com

Think about bias in travel sites

Make judgements about what is useful or not.

Go back to the question – what is it asking you to do?

Information about Cities

Roma – Rome Lonely Planet page

Firenze – Florence Lonely Planet Page

Florence artworks video through ClickView

Milano – Milan Lonely Planet Page

Venezia – Venice Lonely Planet page

ClickView video – 24hrs in Venice

ClickView video – what is it like to live in Venice?

Torino – Turin Lonely Planet Page

Tips for Note making

Video on Notemaking

Information about celebrations

Carnevale – History of Carnevale in Italy

Befana – Festival of the Befana history – This page is in Italian but use Google translate or have a go at reading it

Ferragosto – Everything you need to know magazine article

Festa della Republica – Newspaper article about Republic Day

SanRemo music festival – interesting article about the festival history

Tips for creating a great slideshow

Top quality information tools

Number One Pick for Cities research is Britannica

britannica school
clickview 1

Favourite things about being Italian –