Answering the question

Introduction Powerpoint – PDHPE intro lesson

What is the task asking me to do?

  1. A) Design Brochure
    1. B) 5 different information tools and sources
  2. Evaluate information sources in brochure 1-5 ranking
  3. Infographic in brochure
  4. APA references – in brochure

Possible search terms to use when searching;

Drug use effects, drug use consequences

Specific drug AND impact

2. Evaluating an information tool

You must include a ranking from 1 – 5 for each different tool

Link to Language of Judgement and Evaluation

Think about reliability – who is the author? is the information current?

Think about usefulness – when will you need this information? why would you use this information?

Think about relevance – is it aimed at students? researchers? teachers?

1. A) Designing a brochure

Google doc template – download and make a copy

Word click the link Brochure template to download and save a copy

Here is an example of what the finished product can look like

3. Creating an Infographic

Link to Canva the perfect tool for creating infographics

You tube Video on how to create an infographic on canva

Link to help page on creating infographics

1. b) Useful sources and links

Drug Use Book cover image

ebook on Drug use and harm reduction

Department of health website on effects of drug use

Alcohol and Drug Foundation with a list of drugs and their effects

National Drug Strategy Household Survey 2019  statistics that could be handy to create an infographic

Click View video – 60 Minutes focus on ICE

A ClickView video that looks at the effects of drugs

4. Creating a bibliography

Use Citemaker to help you create an APA bibliography. Remember to check this against your diary.

Don’t forget to check your work against the marking criteria before submitting

1 B). Top quality information tools

britannica school
clickview 1