Satire, Comedy & Parody

A basic search of Oliver using the search terms “Comedy” &/or “Satire provides a comprehensive list of resources relating to the genre.

Rowan Atkinson and Hugh Laurie – Shakespeare and Hamlet:

Monty Python: “Constitutional peasants”: “Witch Village”: “The argument Clinic”

Simpson’s satire for the classroom: Provides a brief explanation of what defines satire. (The initial commentary is a bit dull, however, the examples provided are interesting and informative).

Learn how to write a satire: Topics include the difference between irony and sarcasm, ways to know when an author is being ironic, as well as what is and isn’t appropriate subject matter for satire.

Satire History : A useful site providing a brief, concise history of “Satire” together with handy links including a guide on “How to write satire”

Aristophanes and Comedy

Print resources available in Oakhill College Library:

Aristophanes: comprehensive research and study guide EXP 882 ARI:B

Other freely available resources:

Classical Literature : A useful website providing a brief biography of Aristophanes and his literary works. Links at the bottom of the page provide access to further information about Aristophane’s various plays.

Classical drama and society; Ancient Greek Comedy – Chapter 8: Early Greek Comedy and Satyr Plays: a comprehensive and useful website providing information relating to Greek comedy and Satyr plays.

An introduction to Greek comedy and satyr drama (Duration: 5 mins – overview of the history/evolution of Greek theatre)

Spark notes: Lysistrata/Aristophanes

Click here to watch The Simpsons episodes for great satire

Print resources available in Oakhill College Library:

Swift: Gulliver’s Travels / by Angus Ross :  EXP 823 SWI:R

Gulliver’s Travels / adapted and updated by Martin Rowson: READ GR F SWI

Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels / retold by Donald Lemke: READ GR F SWI

Gulliver’s Travels: READ CLA F SWI

Gulliver’s Travels: READ CLA F SWI:R

Other freely available resources:

Gulliver’s Travels 1939 (Full Movie, no ads; animated – 1hr 12 mins

Jonathan Swift lecture (9 mins. Explores Swift’s critique of the English landlords, and the popularity of pseudo-science in the 18th century

Jonathan Swift, Satire, and Gulliver’s Travels Lesson (12 mins. Provides brief biography, satire definitions and examples, background of Gulliver’s Travels)

Jonathan Swift: Gulliver’s Travels (30 mins. Provides an overview of Gulliver’s Travels and Swifts view of the world) 

Gulliver’s Travels Summary by Shmoop (4 mins. A brief, animated overview of Gulliver’s Travels – Just for fun)

Print resources available in Oakhill College Library: 

The true history of the Blackadder: the unadulterated tale of the creation of a comedy legend.  READ HUM F ROB

Other freely available resources:

How accurately does Blackadder reflect history?: Useful BBC article providing a brief overview of the history behind the development of the Blackadder series.

The complete Blackadder series on DVD. Available through Hornsby Central Library 

The true history of the Blackadder: An extract from the book of the same name by J F Roberts focusing mainly on the WWI Blackadder series.

A search of Youtube using the search term “Blackadder” yields a multitude of Blackadder video clips.  

Good Luck Everyone – Blackadder – BBC

Print resources available in Oakhill College Library:

Animal Farm, George Orwell: notes by Wanda Opalinska EXP 823 ORW:O

Animal Farm: a fairy story: George Orwell READ CLA F ORW

Other freely available resources:

Shmoop – Animal Farm summary . Easy to read; all chapters summarised

Honest, decent, wrong: The invention of George Orwell. An interesting article about the author behind Animal Farm

enotes: Animal Farm analysis. A helpful guide to understanding Animal Farm

GradeSaver: Animal Farm. Analysis, summary and overview of Animal Farm. Also provides useful in-text links to individual character summaries.

Animal Farm: Movie 1hr 12 mins. (1954) Full 1080p HD