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General information
2002 UNHCR Statistical Yearbook This data sheet from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees will be helpful when looking at the immigration question.
A Country Study – Afghanistan This comprehensive site is from the Library of Congress.
Afghanistan Information from the Human Rights Watch.
Afghanistan Information from the United States Department of State
Afghanistan – New York Times Topics This topics page gathers articles and other information about Afghanistan.
CIA World Factbook – Afghanistan This site will give you current factual information about Afghanistan.
Hidden Treasures from the National Museum – Kabul This site was created for an exhibition at the National Gallery of Art.
Refugees from Afghanistan This site from Amnesty International is dated 1999 and will help with the immigration question.
Saving Afghanistan’s Art This article appeared in Time in 2008.
Taliban – New York Times Topics This topics page gathers articles and information about the Taliban.
The Afghans: Their History and Culture This document (cite it as a website) was published in 2002 for people assisting Afghan refugees who migrated to the US. It will be useful for many of the topics.
The Art of Gudiparan bazi This article about kite flying is published by an Afghan Culture group. It hasn’t been updated since 2001.
Veiled Rebellion This photo series was created by National Geographic magazine.
Ethnic Makeup of Afghanistan This infographic from CNN was published in 2005.

Khaled Hosseini Hosseini

New York Times commentary and archives

NPR Interview with Khalid Hosseini (2003)
Khaled Hosseini Interview Academy of Achievement